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Find your Silver Lining

Silver Lining offers you healthy, natural, and safe alternatives. We believe in the healing power of nature, that every aspect of an ecosystem is connected and that we are an innate part of this system. Natural is always better than chemical.

We believe there is a better way to live and we believe that with the right knowledge, we can empower ourselves and teach others what we have learned so that they can make their own informed choices.   

Join us on our silent revolution and heal yourself the natural way. Get back to nature and find your Silver Lining. Buy CBD Oil South Africa at Silver Lining Wellness.

Which one is for me?

The Lightweight

Natural is always better for our bodies than chemicals.

Silver Lining is not just a natural product targeted at promoting health, it is a movement. A movement based on education and informing people that there is a healthy and safe alternative to prescription drugs because our bodies have more cannabinoid receptors than opioids.

You have the freedom of choice and the responsibility to make that choice. No one knows what it is like living in your body better than the person living in it – you. We ensure that you are able to make up your own minds, on your own terms to help you heal your own body.

Our products are carefully developed by qualified medical cannabis adviser, in a way to keep products simple, effective and the best possible bioavailability. Each batch of products come with 3rd party laboratory test to ensure our quality is consistent.

CBD is a unique product that is not possible to pinpoint an exact dosage or strains to suit each person, we have developed different strains in different content, so to find the right one for yourself.  Having the only CBD product on the market with a trial pack, you can find the best strain or dosage without going through unsuitable products.   Another unique reason that Silver Lining Wellness CBD made larger bottle than average market products is we promote multi-purpose usage, by simply use it as tincture, topical or edible, the choice is yours.

Silver Lining Core Values

Family: We treat our customers and employees as a family with love. Nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Knowledge: Information and education from the foundation of our movement.

Calmness: We are able to navigate life while remaining calm and peaceful and in control of our own thoughts and emotions.

Trust: We only provide the highest quality products with transparent 3rd-party lab testing results available to you.

Helping Others: Everything we do is to help others.