Frequently Asked Questions

At Silver Lining, we focus on sublingual usage. The reason being by putting CBD oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds to a minute allows for quicker absorption into the body.

Anything you ingest into your stomach will lose the bioavailability of CBD. Although the effect lasts longer, it also takes longer to see the results, therefore people often over-dose because it seems like it doesn’t work. CBD binds very well with oil; it is naturally oil-soluble. Hence, taking CBD after a greasy heavy meal can boost the effectiveness 4 times more.

CBD can be used to heal inflammation conditions on the skin. With Silver Lining CBD Isolate range, you can simply add it to your current lotion or cream and apply it on the problematic area.  Please note you need at least 10mg CBD oil or more per gram of the lotion to get the result. However, no matter how much you apply, it will not wipe out the wrinkle or dark spot.  CBD does not work on the ageing skin issue.

You can blend CBD oil into all kinds of meals as you prefer. It is better to blend into an oily or greasy meal to allow the CBD to work better.

You certainly can use it to help your pet. Please refer to the dosage chart.

Bath bombs contain high volumes of CBD that allows your whole body to absorb. With hot water, it also gets into your blood circulation faster, hence it helps CBD to absorb into your body faster. You are more than welcome to add your own colourant, fragrance or essential oil.