Learn about Silver Lining CBD Oil & CBD Products

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is the active ingredient of the Cannabis species of plant. There are many active ingredients in the Cannabis plant including, CBD-A; CBG; CBN, THC, and many, many more. More than 100 active components have so far been discovered.

Hemp and Marijuana are Cannabis plants. It is the amount of THC contained in the plant that is the distinguishing factor. Hemp is classified as a plant with less than 0.3% THC content.

Our Isolate oil is made from pure CBD Isolate. It contains only the CBD and no other active ingredients.

Broad spectrum oils contain CBD as its main active ingredient with other active cannabis component such as CBG , CBN etc. but exclude THC.

Full spectrum oil has all the plants active ingredients including legal amount of THC.

THC – tetrahydrocannabinol has been known t0 get you high and has psychoactive properties.  In the small quantities found in our Full Spectrum oil, it will not have any effect on your mental state, in fact, it works with other components and has been shown to have a wide spectrum of benefits.  This is known as the Entourage Effect.

How does CBD work in our body?

Our body has a biological system called the endocannabinoid system that produces CB 1 and CB 2 receptors. Everybody has different amounts and placements of these receptors but for the most CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain, cerebral nerve system, lungs, kidneys and intestine. CB2 receptors are found mostly in the immune system. CB1 and CB2 receptors are also found in the skin and is the reason topical application shows benefits.

CBD oil binds with both receptors of the endocannabinoid system and elicits a therapeutic response within the body, which means you are healing yourself.

Dosage and directions for use

There is no correct one-size-fits-all approach to dosage. Each person is different, bodies are bigger or smaller and some are more sensitive to the effects of CBD oil than others. Putting CBD oil in capsules, gummies or some sort of food product makes it difficult to gauge effectiveness. The effectiveness of that CBD is mitigated when going through the digestive tract and liver, leading to poor bioavailability.

At Silver Lining we have chosen to concentrate on what works and what is fast and effective. With a few adjustments, starting with our dosage chart below, you will soon find what works best for you. In line with this, we only offer CBD products that are effective and efficient, namely sublingual, inhalation, topical and suppositories. All 4 methods have one thing in common, they bypass the first passage – metabolism.


Body weight: under 20kg
Mild: 5mg
Moderate: 7mg
Strong: 9mg

Body weight: 21 – 36kg
Mild: 7mg
Moderate: 12mg
Strong: 17mg

Body weight: 37 – 68kg
Mild: 12mg
Moderate: 17mg
Strong: 25mg

Body weight: 69 – 109kg
Mild: 17mg
Moderate: 25mg
Strong: 30mg

Body weight: over 110kg
Mild: 25mg
Moderate: 30mg
Strong: 50mg


These are daily or as needed doses. Effectiveness typically declines after 4-6 hours*

*Silver Lining products are not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any ailment. As individual needs vary, always check in with a licensed professional regarding medical treatment.